Leading Social Change – Digital Hub

The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) with the support of Hands Across Canberra have launched the Leading Social Change digital hub on 10 August 2018.  Leading Social Change is a program for community sector leaders to develop their insight, foresight and strategic decision making. The links and resources in this hub aim to build the confidence and adaptive capacity of new and existing board members of community organisations.

[August 2018]


Communities Responding to Disasters: Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers Handbook

This Handbook recognises the important role spontaneous volunteers can play in emergencies and communicates nationally agreed principles to guide planning and support for communities responding to disasters. Volunteering and Contact ACT contributed to the development of this publication by the AIDR

[July 2018]


The Value of Volunteering Support Services

This report, published by Volunteering Australia, provides a socio-economic analysis and evaluation of the value of Commonwealth funded Volunteering Support Services.

[June 2018]


ACT Volunteering Action Plan 2018-2021

In 2017, the ACT Government refreshed the ACT Volunteering Statement, outlining principles to ensure volunteering is recognised, valuable, diverse and supported. The ACT Volunteering Action Plan 2018-2021 (Action Plan) was developed through an extensive consultation process to support the ACT Volunteering Statement.

[December 2017]


Building Inclusive Bridges

This resource provides a number of tools to assist Volunteer Resource Centres help people with barriers find volunteering roles.

[April 2016]


Managing Volunteers in Emergencies

This guide is a useful tool for Volunteer Managers on how to manage trained and spontaneous volunteers in an emergency.

[October 2015]


Designing Volunteer Roles: A Practical Guide

This guide assists Volunteer Managers to understand the concepts of designing a volunteering role. *Please note that this Guide has not been updated since the release of the new National Definition of Volunteering.

[November 2014]


Let’s Talk About Inclusion

This resource aims to assist Volunteer Involving Organisations to become more inclusive in their volunteering programs.

[August 2014]


The Volunteering Journey

This inclusive workbook is designed for people who are interested in volunteering.

[March 2014]


100 Volunteer Stories

A publication of 100 stories of volunteers’ experiences.

[December 2013]