Mind and Body: Overcoming Challenges at Kung Fu Wushu ACT

By February 8, 2016♥ My Community Blog

“Age and disability are no barrier to learning new skills, and mind and body together can achieve what may seem impossible!”

A student and teacher of the Kung Fu Wushu school, who lost both legs to meningococcal.

Kung Fu Wushu ACT has, with ACT Government assistance, established a programme called Overcoming Challenges, to help older Canberrans, and those with a disability, to experience Kung Fu – Wushu, and the life benefits it provides.

A student in a participating club is now well into his 70s, and has been training for more than two years. Some time ago, he felt a bit dizzy when training, and was asked to sit down. He did not show classic heart attack symptoms, but his condition caused some concern. He drove himself home, but his instructor drove behind to make sure he was safe, and phoned to make sure he was OK. He was diagnosed with low blood pressure and eventually had a pace-maker fitted. It was some time before he trained again, and due to more than a few injuries and illnesses, his progress has sometimes been slower. But he has persisted in his training and rarely missed a training session. As a result, he has now made his second grade, but more importantly, his overall coordination is now good, he can pick up new techniques rapidly, and he has maintained a good level of fitness.

Another student, at a different participating club, became very ill with meningococcal disease, which eventually resulted in his having both legs and several fingers amputated. He refused to let this deter him, and returned to training, and is now a teacher in his own right. And you most certainly do not want to be kicked by his metal leg! He shows how determination and persistence can overcome misfortune.

The members of Kung Fu Wushu ACT believe strongly that age and disability are no barrier to learning new skills, and how mind and body together can achieve what may seem impossible!