Introducing the ♥ My Community Blog

By February 4, 2016♥ My Community Blog

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then to head into the city for the Multicultural Festival, eat delicious food, listen to funky music and celebrate the organisations and groups that contribute to our community?

Each year at the Multicultural Festival, CONTACT Canberra showcases community groups and services. This year we are embracing the Valentine’s Day theme by celebrating the ways these organisations ‘share the love’ by supporting the Canberra community.

In conjunction with the 2016 National Multicultural Festival and with the support of 2XX 98.3 FM, CONTACT Canberra is especially proud to be curating the ♥ My Community blog. Each day in the 10 days leading up to the Sunday of the Festival, we will publish one story from a community organisation that has a stall. Each story recounts how an individual’s life has been enriched through the support of a community group*.

If these stories have inspired you to get involved in the community, come to the CONTACT Canberra Community Showcase, Sunday 14 February 2016 at the National Multicultural Festival to find out more about your local organisations.


*Views expressed are not those of Volunteering and Contact ACT