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By February 11, 2016♥ My Community Blog

A free asthma education session helped Fred get his asthma under control and achieve better overall management of his condition.

With education and support, it's possible to live well with asthma. Photo courtesy of

Asthma Australia’s 1800 ASTHMA Helpline is a free telephone support service to help people with asthma.  The service supports people to improve their asthma control through education about asthma management strategies.  The service can be accessed from attending a Live Well with Asthma education session, by referral from a health professional or by calling 1800 ASTHMA (278 462).  After an initial discussion identifying some strategies and actions, the individual is offered the opportunity to be contacted by telephone to follow up on how their asthma is.

Fred attended a free group asthma education session—Live Well with Asthma—in 2015 as he had been struggling with ongoing asthma symptoms and poor asthma control.  The education session provided additional information about asthma and how it could be managed.

Fred also agreed to receive four telephone calls over a six month period to further discuss his asthma and ways to manage the symptoms. As a result of the education session and follow up calls, his asthma control increased, was well controlled and this was sustained through the remaining follow up calls.

Fred told us how impressed he was with the service provided by the Asthma Foundation ACT. The education session had improved his knowledge of asthma, helped him to recognise his asthma symptoms and how to achieve good asthma control.  He was appreciative of the follow up phone calls to “check in on him” and attributed the calls to encourage him get a written asthma action plan.

With education and support, it is possible for people to Live Well with their Asthma!

For further information about asthma information and support available, please contact Asthma Foundation ACT on 1800 ASTHMA (278 462).