Our Inclusive Volunteering Program (IVP) assists people living with a disability or mental health condition, and refugees or migrants by finding positive, enriching and sustainable volunteering positions in the Canberra Region.
We understand that finding a volunteering role may be difficult or daunting.  We provide support to program participants and volunteer involving organisations to help remove and reduce barriers to volunteering.

There is no cost to participate in the program and previous participants have developed new skills, gained confidence and experienced a reduction in social isolation. 


Do you want to volunteer. Would you like some help to find a volunteer role?

We support people living with a disability or mental health condition, and refugees or migrants by helping to find a positive, enriching and sustainable volunteering position in the Canberra Region. 

  • We provide participants with a tailored approach to finding the right volunteer role
  • We work closely with you to determineyour needs and help organisations understand who you are and why you are volunteering 
  • If required, we provide a Volunteer Mentor to support you along your volunteering journey
  • We support you every step of the way to ensure you find a role that is rewarding, fun and meets your goals

Get in touch today and begin your volunteering journey.

Download and complete the program application and send it to inclusion@vc-act.org.au

If you require additional support to complete your Participant Referral form, please let us know

Call us on 02 6251 4060 or email inclusion@vc-act.org.au 

Does your organisation wish to involve volunteers experiencing barriers, but doesn’t know where to start? Or would you like to involve more volunteers experiencing barriers?

Do you have a client you would like to refer to the Inclusive Volunteering Program?

Our Inclusive Volunteering Program assists people who identify as having barriers to find positive enriching and sustainable volunteering positions in the Canberra region including:

  • People living with a disability
  • People on a mental health recovery journey
  • Migrants and Refugees

We  are partnering with community organsations across  Canberra to create inclusive volunteering environments for participants of the program. The program builds community awareness and capacity by working with organisations to foster a culture of inclusion. Program coordinators offer one on one support and training to partner organisations to identify practical solutions to removing and reducing barriers.

Volunteering has been shown to boost mental health and self-esteem, create community connections and is a great way to learn new skills. Our program allows our participants to enjoy these benefits while also feeling the satisfaction that comes from giving back to community.

If you would like to refer a potential participant please download and complete the referral form and send to inclusion@vc-act.org.au.

Helpful resources

Please utilise our Tool Kit here!

To self-refer to our program please download the IVP Participant Referral form, send your completed form to inclusion@vc-act.org.au and our program coordinator will get in touch with you.

If you have any questions about the Inclusive Volunteering Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on (02) 6251 4060 or emailing inclusion@vc-act.org.au

This program is proudly funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency and Hands Across Canberra.