Frequently Asked Questions

What is CONTACT Canberra?

CONTACT Canberra is the central community information portal for the ACT. We aim to create a community that is empowered by reliable information and everyone can find the support and assistance they need regardless of their circumstances.

Weren’t you the Citizens Advice Bureau?

Yes. ACT Citizens Advice Bureau was founded in 1978 to support the Canberra community. In 2014 we rebranded to align ourselves with the well-known CONTACT Directory of Community Services which we have been publishing since 1989.

What do we Mean By “community information”?

“Community information” is any information relating to organisations, groups or programs which provide a service to the community. This includes Government services, not for profit organisations, support and interest groups and community clubs. “Community Information” may also refer to profit-making organisations that provide a service to the community, such as registered training organisations or small businesses providing therapeutic or social services.

How do you provide this information?

– CONTACT Canberra recognises that each person’s information needs are different, and that people prefer to access information in different ways. We therefore offer a range of channels for accessing information, including: Our comprehensive online portal

– Face to Face information at out Shopfront

– Monday-Friday telephone assistance by calling (02) 6248 7988

– Through the ACT Community Directory, an online database of community services

– Via our Facebook and Twitter pages

How do you collect information on community services?

We maintain a comprehensive online database which contains the details of around 2,200 community services.

What kinds of issues can you help me with?

We can assist you with information and referral within the ACT region. Some common areas of inquiry include:

• Where can I find a support group?

• I’m having trouble negotiating this government service, can you give me guidance?

• I’m looking for an interest group; can you point me in the right direction?

• I’m new to Canberra, can you help me out?

• I’m visiting the ACT, can you give me some guidance?

What kind of assistance can you offer me?

We can assist you by accessing our comprehensive database to provide an appropriate referral. For instance, if you have an inquiry about aged care services, we can assist you to find the contact details of services relevant to your circumstances. We also provide a range of other services through our shopfront, such as free internet and phone use for concession card holders, which you can find here. {hyperlink}

Will you help me solve my problem?

We operate as an information and referral service – therefore, we are not able to directly solve your problem for you. However, we will endeavour to point you in the right direction of where to get help, and use our expertise to assist you to find appropriate assistance and support.

Can you offer legal advice?

No. Our staff and volunteers are not trained lawyers. However, we are able to refer you to legal services, and we also publish the Free Legal Services Infoguide.

I work for a community organisation – can you help me?

Yes. We provide a range of information services for community organisations including tailored directories, digital directory services and individualised agency to agency referral.

For more information, please contact us