Coordination & Management of Event Volunteers

Holding an event? Volunteering and Contact ACT can assist you with the whole process of volunteer involvement, including the recruitment, coordination and management of volunteers for your event.

What we do

  • Develop the documentation for your Event Volunteer Management Program including:
    • A Volunteer Management Plan
    • Position Descriptions
    • Forms and templates
    • Volunteer Assignment Agreements
    • Induction Plans
    • Training modules
  • Advertise and promote the volunteering roles, doing everything we can to recruit the required number of people
  • Be the central point of contact for volunteers
  • Provide appropriate screening processes for volunteers
  • Coordinate volunteers to attend induction and/or training
  • Deliver induction and training
  • Coordinate rostering for the event
  • Be available and contactable for the duration of the event
  • Provide your agency with a recognition strategy
  • Conduct a survey and evaluation of the volunteers’ experience

Time frames

We require a minimum of 12 weeks to work with you to create an effective volunteer management program for your event.

Benefits for your organisation

  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your requirements are being handled by quality, professional and experienced personnel
  • Less work for you – we provide on-site volunteer coordinators to ensure volunteers are on time, briefed, assigned to specified roles and are performing those roles as requested to ensure your event runs smoothly
  • Experienced volunteer coordinators who have knowledge and experience working in the field of Volunteer Management
  • We understand the nature of volunteering, as well as what motivates individuals to participate.
  • Our evaluation will assist you to ensure that you maximised the involvement of volunteers and identify improvements for the next event.

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