Our Strategic Statement

1. Vision

An engaged community enriched by volunteering, participation and knowledge.

2. Mission

To champion participation through information, volunteering and community connections.

3. Long Term Objectives

  • To represent the volunteering sector as a peak body: to drive and influence policy and advocacy for our members and stakeholders as part of a national network.
  • To foster community engagement through reliable information, services and volunteering
  • To be an active link between people, organisations and government

4. 2018-2019 Priorities

Current Value Proposition

  • Educational Services – including developing and implementing best practice volunteering strategies, facilitating high performing volunteering, provision of expert advice across the sector;
  • Member services including maximizing for individuals and organizations the return on investment from volunteering, facilitating development and use of volunteering resourcing models to address member needs, providing a greater return on corporate business drivers and advocating for the sector;
  • Societal value-add including significant economic, social and cultural value from advocating, promoting and facilitating volunteering and community information;
  • Data-driven insights – including the ability to advise, tailor and optimize/maximise relevant value propositions for our members and customers.
  • Return on Investment on government spending through maximizing the efficiencies from volunteering and community information services.

Strategic priorities for the next 18 months

  • Increase membership numbers as well as segmentation including developing and implementing targeted strategies to achieve membership market saturation and better engage with current members to ensure continued renewal of memberships;
  • Develop and report strengthened performance metrics on volunteering and community information including quantifiable performance metrics for the value add to society and government through a broad range of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ performance metrics;
  • Strengthen government engagement and reporting with Treasury and other government agencies eg sport and tourism, to provide value added data on volunteering and community engagement, and facilitate evidence based decision making on funding; and
  • Develop and implement targeted strategies to better engage with corporations and increase fee for service offerings including event sponsorship/branding, finding volunteering opportunities and managing volunteers.
  • Engage effectively with our members, community, corporates and government to explore ways of delivering targeted services based on their need to:
    • Increase impact and innovation
    • Build business capacity and skills
    • Improve market access

5. Audience

  • Our Members, stakeholders, partners and national networks
  • Federal and ACT Governments (and their various departments and agencies)
  • The broader Canberra region

6. Values and Culture

  • Diversity
  • Participation
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

7. Implementation

Our strategy will be delivered through a series of rolling time-limited action plans ensuring the balance between our priorities and our practical resources.
The Board will provide guidance on the focus areas for the organisation, for the purpose of the action plans.
This process will commence with an action plan for the period now – June 2018 and then July 2018 – June 2019.

8. Evaluation

The Board of Directors will set performance metrics and indicators and evaluate the progress and success of the organisation against them.

9. Review

The Board of Directors will review and, as appropriate, update this Strategic Statement as part of annual strategic planning considerations in April-May 2019.

[Approved March 2018] Download a copy here