What is the Inclusive Volunteering Program?

The Inclusive Volunteering Program (IVP) is an initiative of Volunteering and Contact ACT that was launched in 2012. The aim of the program is to assist people who identify as having a barrier in finding volunteer placements in the ACT.

Since 2012 IVP has placed over 100 participants into volunteering roles and in some cases these placements have helped participants secure paid work for themselves. Participants of IVP have learned new skills, gained confidence, made new friends and have experienced a reduction in social isolation by becoming more involved with the community.

IVP has been shown to have a positive impact on volunteers with barriers as well as their involving organisations. Organisations who take on volunteers with identified barriers often benefit from a strengthened appreciation of diversity and a stronger sense of social inclusion within their workplace.

Becoming an IVP participant

Eligible participants of the IVP program identify as having a barrier in their life that may require additional support and assistance to be placed in a volunteering role. We do not have any specific requirements for IVP participant eligibility as we know that each person is an individual and we work with everyone on a case by case basis. Some examples of the type of barriers our participants have identified as having have included:

  • Living with a disability.
  • Experiencing a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression.
  • Being socially isolated.
  • Communication difficulties such as reading and writing skills or English as a second language.
  • Being a refugee or migrant who is having difficulty finding volunteering experience.

We are dedicated to working with anyone who identifies as having a barrier so please note that the above are just examples. If you feel like you would be eligible to participate in the program, please get in touch.

To self-refer to our program please download the IVP self-referral form and questionnaire, send your completed forms to connections@vc-act.org.au and our program coordinator will get in touch with you.

If you require additional support to complete your referral form and questionnaire, please let us know.

IVP Self-Referral Form

IVP Participant Questionnaire

Becoming an IVP volunteer organisation

Since its launch in 2012 IVP has worked with over 40 organisations in Canberra to help create inclusive environments for participants of the program. It is important to us that we place participants of the program in volunteering roles where coordinators and staff are aware of how they can provide the appropriate level of support and assistance. Please let us know if you would like to become involved with our program and what type of volunteering roles you offer at your organisation. Our program coordinator can then work with you and participants who may be interested in volunteering for your organisation.

You can also help us by spreading the word about our program and by referring participants who interact with your organisation who may be eligible candidates.

If you would like to refer a potential participant to IVP please download the organisational referral form and send the completed form to connections@vc-act.org.au.

IVP Organisational Referral Form


Additionally, please see below for a range of resources developed by IVP. We hope that these resources will assist individuals and organisations on their volunteering journey.

Building Inclusive Bridges: A guide to facilitating inclusive referrals – This resource provides several tools to assist volunteer resource centres to help people who may have barriers in their lives find volunteering roles.

Let’s talk about inclusion: Promoting inclusion in your volunteer involving organisation – This resource provides several tools to assist volunteer resource centres to help people who may have barriers in their lives find volunteering roles.

The Volunteering Journey – An inclusive workbook for people who are interested in volunteering. Download a copy of the workbook to print off and write on.


If you have any questions about the Inclusive Volunteering Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on (02) 6251 4060 or emailing connections@vc-act.org.au