Corporate Organisations

Employee volunteering is a flexible and ethical way for community-minded companies to exercise their corporate social responsibility. It also offers businesses a viable alternative to donations or sponsorship. Research shows that employee volunteering assists with staff attraction and retention, enhances working relationships, and builds a company’s brand and reputation.


By becoming a member of Volunteering and Contact ACT corporate organisations can access our VolunteeringWorks program. VolunteeringWorks assists businesses to engage in meaningful and effective employee volunteering experiences. Through the program we work with local businesses to tailor an employee volunteering program that meets their interests, needs, and strategic direction. VolunteeringWorks also enhances the capacity of our member organisations by strategically channelling skilled volunteers into areas of need.

Through VolunteeringWorks we can:

• Source volunteering placements from our membership base of over 200 volunteer involving organisations;

• Ensure volunteer involving organisations have the appropriate infrastructure in place to ensure a successful volunteering placement;

• Align a volunteering placement or program with strategic business objectives;

• Develop recognition strategies for staff;

• Evaluate the effectiveness of a volunteering placement

• Promote your business’ engagement with VolunteeringWorks


Every corporate is looking for different outcomes out of their Employee Volunteering Program. Once you are a member of Volunteering and Contact ACT, we can discuss your requirements and provide a quote at special member rates! Call the Volunteering Services team on 6251 4060 for more information.